Friday, 21 July 2017


In Playschool the children have enjoyed building walkways and bridges with the planks outside in the sunshine. 

After a rather damp start, meeting up at the Tower park, we think it's fair to say that the Tower Walk this year was a success, with lots of sliding and rolling part of the way down. An added bonus was the company of grasshoppers during our picnic snack half way down. The children all had a great time walking down and they did brilliantly considering the initial bad weather.  They enjoyed 'log rolling' down the hills, sliding down on their bottoms, seeing the views and even came close to the sheep. They finished it off by preparing their own sandwiches for an indoor picnic back at Towerview Playschool.

Broadway Playschool (the two year old group) enjoyed a visit to the park this week, where they played on the swings, seesaws and even managed to climb the climbing frame; before sliding down the pole like firefighters.

Well we really can't get over where the time has gone!  We have all really enjoyed seeing all the children growing in confidence and their personalities shine through. We've shared lots of lovely 'WOW' moments on the way.

Enjoy 'big school' all our 'Leavers'  and we look forward to welcoming children coming back in September to continue their journey with us.


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