Friday, 8 March 2019

fine spring weather !

The children have been introduced to our new topic to start next week - nursery rhymes. They transferred these nursery rhymes into forest school, where they climbed the tree and sang a nursery rhyme whilst sat or stood at the top. 

Many thanks to a child's grandparent who bought in some bracelets to celebrate a Bulgarian tradition of ‘Baba Marta’ day 

The children have really enjoyed the lovely warm weather this week and happily played outside asking for water as they needed to paint.  The children showed good mark making skills and did a lot of ‘good sharing’ too.

It was interesting to see the girls making a boat out of the crates and taking themselves off on a dream holiday, whilst the boys made a boat out of tyres and planks of wood - all being ‘super heroes’ and saving each other from the ‘crocodiles’!

The children at Broadway Playschool have spent most of their time outside in the sunshine this week. They have been involved in role play using the tools to 'fix' the play house.  They have also started to take an interest in the flowerbeds and daffodils which have just started to flower.

FROM Tara - 'The children also shared a piece of cake with me this week as I say good bye to all the children and will miss them all dearly.

Love Tarah x'

Tara will still be doing some supply work for us – and we all wish her well in her new post .

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